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1Anna Chwastek
Methods to increase the rate of mass transfer during osmotic dehydration of foods
2V. Hazal Ozyurt, Semih Ötles
Properties of probiotics and encapsulated probiotics in food
3Monika Kara¶, Anna Jakubczyk, Urszula Szymanowska, Małgorzata Materska, Ewelina Zielińska
Antioxidant activity of protein hydrolysates from raw and heat-treated yellow string beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
4Julita Reguła, Marek Siwulski
Dried shiitake (Lentinulla edodes) and oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus) mushrooms as a good source of nutrient
5Ebrahim Alfaig, Maria Angelovičova, Martin Kral, Ondrej Bučko
Eff ect of probiotics and thyme essential oil on the essential amino acid content of the broiler chicken meat
6He Chen, Jianhua Zhang, Guowei Shu
Screening of probiotic goat milk tablets using Plackett-Burman design
7A. E. Fayed, Azza M. Farahat, A. E. Metwally, M. S. Massoud and A. O. Emam
Health stimulating properties of the most popular soft cheese in Egypt Kariesh made using skimmed milk UF-retentate and probiotics
8Chakkere Shivamadhu Madhu, Honnayakanahalli Marichenne Gowda Manukumar, Puttalingaiah Basavaraju
New-vista in fi nding antioxidant and anti-infl ammatory property of crude protein extract from Sauropus androgynus leaf
9Semih Ötles, Selin Ozgoz
Health effects of dietary fiber
10Zbigniew J. Dolatowski, Joanna Stadnik, Dariusz Stasiak
Applications of ultrasound in food technology

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1Zofia Zaborowska, Krzysztof Przygoński, Agnieszka Bilska
Antioxidative effect of thyme (Thymus vulgaris) in sunflower oil
2Marta Dziuba, Bartłomiej Dziuba, Anna Iwaniak
Milk proteins as precursors of bioactive peptides
3Dorota Martysiak-Żurowska, Weronika Wenta
A comparison of abts and dpph methods for assessing the total antioxidant capacity of human milk
4Agnieszak Nawirska, Cecylia Uklańska
Waste products from fruit and vegetable processing as potential sources for food enrichment in dietary fibre
5Agnieszka Bilska, Bożena Danyluk, Ryszard Kowalski
The effect of an addition of sodium chloride and sodium triphosphate on fat oxidation products in cold stored beef
6Barbara Sawicka, Ewa Kotiuk
Evaluation of heath safety of mustards in an aspect of obligatory norms
7Anna Winiarska-Mieczan
Assessment of the risk of exposure to cadmium and lead as a result of the consumption of low-fat dairy products by expectant and lactating women
8Eliza Gaweł
Chemical composition of lucerne leaf extract (EFL) and its applications as a phytobiotic in human nutrition
9Halina Gambu¶, Marek Gibiński, Dorota Pastuszka, Barbara Mickowska, Rafał Ziobro, Robert Witkowicz
The application of residual oats flour in bread production in order to improve its quality and biological value of protein
10Elżbieta Sikora, Ewa Cie¶lik, Agnieszka Filipiak-Florkiewicz, Teresa Leszczyńska
Effect of hydrothermal processing on phenolic acids and flavonols contents in selected brassica vegetables

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