ACTA Scientiarum Polonorum - Technologia Alimentaria News en (c) Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu przyrodniczego w Poznaniu METHODS TO INCREASE THE RATE OF MASS TRANSFER DURING OSMOTIC DEHYDRATION OF FOODS Screening of Probiotic Goat Milk Tablets using Plackett–Burman design MULTI PHYSIOLOGICAL BENEFITS OF THE MOST POPULAR SOFT CHEESE IN EGYPT “KARIESH” MADE USING SKIMMED MILK UF-RETENTATE AND PROBIOTICS New-vista in Finding Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Property for Dialyzed Crude Protein Extract from Sauropus androgynus Leaf ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVITY OF PROTEIN HYDROLYSATES FROM RAW AND HEAT-TREATED YELLOW STRING BEANS (PHASEOLUS VULGARIS L.) THIAMINE LOSSES DURING STORAGE PASTEURIZED AND STERILIZED MODEL SYSTEMS MINCED CHICKEN MEAT WITH FRESH AND OXIDIZED FAT, AND ANTIOXIDANTS Influence of the Marinating Type on the Morphological and Sensory Properties of Horse Meat PROPERTIES OF PROBIOTICS AND ENCAPSULATED PROBIOTICS IN FOOD Effect of probiotics and thyme essential oil on the esssential amino acid content of the broiler chickens meat