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Issue 8 (2) 2009

April - June 2009
Issue 8 (2) 2009 - Cover
Issue 8 (2) 2009 - Letter to readers
Issue 8 (2) 2009 - Contents


Issue 8 (2) 2009 pp. 5-20 , topic: Food technology
Anita Spychaj, Paul Edward Mozdziak, Edward Pospiech
PCR methods in meat species identification as a tool for the verification of regional and traditional meat products
Issue 8 (2) 2009 pp. 21-32 , topic: Food technology
Małgorzata Ziarno
In vitro cholesterol uptake by Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus isolates
Issue 8 (2) 2009 pp. 33-40 , topic: Food technology
Barbara Baraniak, Michał Świeca, Agnieszka Słowik
Flocculants application for precipitation and separation of proteins from Lens culinaris cv. Tina
Issue 8 (2) 2009 pp. 41-51 , topic: Food technology
Iwona Gientka, Karolina Gut, Wanda Duszkiewicz-Reinhard
Role of p-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) in modeling selected properties of bakery yeast
Issue 8 (2) 2009 pp. 53-60 , topic: Food technology
Maria Sapata, Ana Ramos, Armando Ferreira, Luis Andrada, Manuel Candeias
Quality maintenance improvement of Pleurotus ostreatus mushrooms by modified atmosphere packaging
Issue 8 (2) 2009 pp. 61-74 , topic: Human nutrition
Danuta Kołożyn-Krajewska, Zbigniew Józef Dolatowski
Probiotics in fermented meat products
Issue 8 (2) 2009 pp. 75-83 , topic: Human nutrition
Danuta Górecka, Marzanna Hęś, Krystyna Szymandera-Buszka, Krzysztof Dziedzic
Contents of selected bioactive components in buckwheat groats
Issue 8 (2) 2009 pp. 85-92 , topic: Human nutrition
Zbigniew Krejpcio, Rafał W. Wójciak, Halina Staniek, Julia Wiśniewska
Effect of dietary fructans and chromium(III) supplementation on apparent fat digestibility and blood lipid indices in rat

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