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Issue 9 (2) 2010

April - June 2010
Issue 9 (2) 2010 - Cover
Issue 9 (2) 2010 - Letter to readers
Issue 9 (2) 2010 - Contents


Issue 9 (2) 2010 pp. 125-131 , topic: Food technology
Yesim Ötles, Osman Ozden, Semih Ötles
Organic fish production and the standards
Issue 9 (2) 2010 pp. 133-148 , topic: Food technology
Agnieszka Iwanowska, Edward Pospiech, Andrzej Łyczyński, Stanisław Rosochacki, Bożena Grze¶, Beata Mikołajczak, Ewa Iwańska, Ewa Rzosińska, Grażyna Czyżak-Runowska
Evaluation of variations in principal indicies of the culinary meat quality obtained from young slaughtered cattle
Issue 9 (2) 2010 pp. 151-159 , topic: Food technology
Andrzej Tyburcy, Patrycja Wasiak, Aneta Cegiełka
Application of composite protective coatings on the surface of sausages with different water content
Issue 9 (2) 2010 pp. 161-169 , topic: Food technology
Joanna Kobus-Cisowska, Ewa Flaczyk, Magdalena Jeszka
Antioxidant activities of Ginkgo biloba extracts: application in freeze stored meat dumplings
Issue 9 (2) 2010 pp. 171-188 , topic: Food technology
Anna Gramza-Michałowska, Barbara Stachowiak
The antioxidant potential of carotenoid extract from Phaffia rhodozyma
Issue 9 (2) 2010 pp. 189-199 , topic: Food technology
Małgorzata Jasińska, Izabela Dmytrów, Anna Mituniewicz-Małek, Krystian W±sik
Cow feeding system versus milk utility for yoghurt manufacture
Issue 9 (2) 2010 pp. 201-216 , topic: Food technology
Emmanuel Ilesanmi Adeyeye
Effect of cooking and roasting on the amino acid composition of raw groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) seeds
Issue 9 (2) 2010 pp. 217-226 , topic: Human nutrition
Hanna ¦migielska, Joanna Le Thanh-Blicharz
Research on zinc fortified potato starch and on its use in dessert production
Issue 9 (2) 2010 pp. 227-236 , topic: Human nutrition
Małgorzata Ziarno, Dorota Zaręba
Viability of microflora pf market fermented milk products in simulated conditions of gastric and duodenum
Issue 9 (2) 2010 pp. 237-241 , topic: Human nutrition
Mieczysław Walczak, Beata Pawlus, Andrzej Kędzia, Jarosław Walkowiak
Active synthesis of epidermal growth factor in human mammary glands

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