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Issue 10 (1) 2011

January - March 2011
Issue 10 (1) 2011 - Cover (Inner front)
Issue 10 (1) 2011 - Letter to readers
Issue 10 (1) 2011 - Contents


Issue 10 (1) 2011 pp. 7-17 , topic: Food technology
Mariusz Dziadas, Henryk Jeleń
Influence of glycosidases addition on selected monoterpenes contents in musts and white wines from two grape varieties grown in Poland
Issue 10 (1) 2011 pp. 19-33 , topic: Food technology
Dominik Szwajgier, Monika Bańcarzewska
Changes in the phenolic acid content during wort boiling and whirlpool
Issue 10 (1) 2011 pp. 35-49 , topic: Food technology
Lidia Stasiak-Różańska, Stanisław Błażejak, Aleksandra Miklaszewska
Application of immobilized cell preparation obtained from biomass of Gluconacetobacter xylinus bacteria in biotransformation of glycerol to dihydroxyacetone
Issue 10 (1) 2011 pp. 51-60 , topic: Food technology
Agnieszka Nawirska-Olszańska, Anita Biesiada, Anna Sokół-Łętowska, Alicja Z. Kucharska
Content of bioactive compounds and antioxidant capacity of pumpkin puree enriched with japanese quince, cornelian cherry, strawberry and apples
Issue 10 (1) 2011 pp. 63-72 , topic: Food technology
Anna Gramza-Michałowska, Magdalena Człapka-Matyasik
Evaluation of the antiradical potential of fruit and vegetable snacks
Issue 10 (1) 2011 pp. 77-81 , topic: Food technology
Dorota Gumul, Rafał Ziobro, Mieczysław Noga, Renata Sabat
Characterisation of five potato cultivars according to their nutritional and pro-health components
Issue 10 (1) 2011 pp. 87-95 , topic: Food technology
Gurunathan Kandeepan, Anne Seet Ram Anjaneyulu, Napa Kondaiah, Sanjod Kumar Mendiratta
Comparison of quality attributes of buffalo meat curry at different storage temperature
Issue 10 (1) 2011 pp. 101-107 , topic: Human nutrition
Joanna Sadowska
Evaluation of the effect of diet composition and B-group vitamins supplementation on selected calcium metabolism parameters in female rats
Issue 10 (1) 2011 pp. 113-121 , topic: Human nutrition
Zuzanna Goluch-Koniuszy, Aldona Wierzbicka
Appreciation of concentration of lipoproteins and apolipoproteins in serum of male rats under the influence of diet change composition and its supplementation with group B vitamins

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