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Issue 11 (4) 2012

October - December 2012
Cover (Inner front) Issue 11 (4) 2012 - Cover (Inner front)
Contents Issue 11 (4) 2012 - Contents
Reviewers Reviewers - 2012
Issue 11 (4) 2012 - Letter to readers


Issue 11 (4) 2012 pp. 327-334 , topic: Food technology
Reza Amiri Chayjan, Hossein Barikloo, Behnam Soleymani
Issue 11 (4) 2012 pp. 335-346 , topic: Food technology
Joanna Kapusta-Duch, Teresa Leszczyńska, Agnieszka Filipiak-Florkiewicz
Comparison of total polyphenol contents And antioxidant activity in cruciferous vegetables grown in diversified ecological conditions
Issue 11 (4) 2012 pp. 347-354 , topic: Food technology
Patrycja Komolka, Danuta Górecka, Krzysztof Dziedzic
The effect of thermal processing of cruciferous vegetables on their content of dietary fiber and its fractions
Issue 11 (4) 2012 pp. 355-362 , topic: Food technology
Agnieszka Filipiak-Florkiewicz, Adam Florkiewicz, Ewa Cieślik, Maria Walczycka, Joanna Kapusta-Duch, Teresa Leszczyńska
Influence of hydrothermal treatment on dietary fiber and phenolic compounds content as well as antioxidative activity of legumes seeds
Issue 11 (4) 2012 pp. 363-371 , topic: Food technology
Małgorzata Materska
The scavenging effect and flavonoid glycosides content in fractions from fruits of hot pepper Capsicum annuum L.
Issue 11 (4) 2012 pp. 373-379 , topic: Food technology
Monika Rajkowska, Kamila Pokorska, Mikołaj Protasowicki, Arkadiusz Żych
African ostrich (Struthio camelus) meat as a source of essential and toxic elements in a human diet
Issue 11 (4) 2012 pp. 381-387 , topic: Food technology
Zlatica Kohajdová, Jolana Karovičová, Michaela Jurasová
Influence of carrot pomace powder on the rheological characteristics of wheat flour dough and on wheat rolls quality
Issue 11 (4) 2012 pp. 389-399 , topic: Human nutrition
Zuzanna Goluch-Koniuszy
Evaluation, in an animal model study, of the effect of diet composition change and diet supplementation with b-group vitamins on the liver fatty acid profile
Issue 11 (4) 2012 pp. 401-410 , topic: Human nutrition
Abdalbasit Adam Mariod, Yasir Ali Edris, Sit Foon Cheng, Siddig Ibrahim Abdelwahab
Effect of germination periods and conditions on chemical composition, fatty acids and amino acids of two black cumin seeds

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