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Issue 12 (1) 2013

January - March 2013
Cover (Inner front) Issue 12 (1) 2013 - Cover (Inner front)
Contents Issue 12 (1) 2013 - Contents
Issue 12 (1) 2013 - Letter to readers


Issue 12 (1) 2013 pp. 9-20 , topic: Food technology
El-Sayed El-Tanboly, Mahmoud El-Hofi, Youssef Bahr Youssef, Wahed El-Desoki, Azza Ismail
Utilization of salt whey from Egyptian Ras (Cephalotyre) cheese in microbial milk clotting enzymes production
Issue 12 (1) 2013 pp. 21-32 , topic: Food technology
Maznah Ismail, Abdalbasit Mariod, Sia Soh Pin
Effects of preparation methods on protein and amino acid contents of various eggs available in Malay- sian local markets
Issue 12 (1) 2013 pp. 33-40 , topic: Food technology
Aleksandra Duda-Chodak
Impact of water extracts of Spirulina (WES) on bacteria, yeasts and molds
Issue 12 (1) 2013 pp. 41-50 , topic: Food technology
Ewelina Węsierska, Krystyna Palka, Justyna Bogdańska, Katarzyna Chabior, Ewelina Barwińska
Sensory quality of selected raw ripened meat products
Issue 12 (1) 2013 pp. 51-59 , topic: Food technology
Stanisław Kowalski, Marcin Łukasiewicz, Wiktor Berski
Applicability of physico-chemical parameters of honey for identification of the botanical origin
Issue 12 (1) 2013 pp. 61-74 , topic: Human nutrition
Asia Begum, Subarda Sandhya, Syed Shaff ath Ali, Kombath Ravindran Vinod, Swapna Reddy, David Banji
An in-depth review on the medicinal flora Rosmarinus officinalis (Lamiaceae)
Issue 12 (1) 2013 pp. 75-80 , topic: Human nutrition
Joanna Suliburska, Zbigniew Krejpcio, Julita Reguła, Agnieszka Grochowicz
Evaluation of the content and the potential bioavailability of minerals from gluten-free products
Issue 12 (1) 2013 pp. 81-90 , topic: Human nutrition
Mariola Friedrich, Magdalena Kuchlewska
Assessing the effect, on animal model, of mixture of food additives, on the water balance
Issue 12 (1) 2013 pp. 91-98 , topic: Human nutrition
Elżbieta Sikora , Izabela Bodziarczyk
Influence of diet with kale on lipid peroxides and malondialdehyde levels in blood serum of laboratory rats over intoxication with paraquat
Issue 12 (1) 2013 pp. 101-111 , topic: Human nutrition
Marta Dziuba, Piotr Minkiewicz and Marianna Dąbek
Peptides, specific proteolysis products, as molecular markers of allergenic proteins – in silico studies
Issue 12 (1) 2013 pp. 113-123 , topic: Human nutrition
Krzysztof Sobieralski, Marek Siwulski, Iwona Sas-Golak
Nutritive and health-promoting value of organic vegetables

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