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Issue 13 (1) 2014 pp. 89-102

Semih Otles, Ahmet Senturk

Department of Food Engineering, Ege University of Izmir, Turkey

Food and Drug Interactions: A General Review


Although it is well known and identifi ed that drug-drug interactions exist, the recognition of importance of food and drug interactions to practice has been growing much slower. On the other hand, drug-food/nutrient interactions continue to grow with the common use of medications. Beside the awareness of this type of interactions, food-drug interaction studies are critical to evaluate appropriate dosing, timing, and formulation of new drug candidates. Drug-food interactions take place mechanistically due to altered intestinal transport
and metabolism, or systemic distribution, metabolism and excretion. In addition, some people have greater risk of food and drug interactions who have a poor diet, have serious health problems, childrens and pregnant women. In this article, basic informations about importance, classifi cations, transporters and enzymes of drug and nutrient interaction are given and some specifi c examples of both drug and nutrients and infl uences on each other are included.

Keywords: food, drug, nutrients, interaction
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