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original articleIssue 13 (4) 2014 pp. 351-358

He Chen, Jianhua Zhang, Guowei Shu

College of Life Science and Engineering, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, China

Screening of probiotic goat milk tablets using Plackett-Burman design


Background. Probiotics defined as additional microorganisms were added to goat milk powder, which not only improves the intestinal flora balance but also promotes human and animal health. The objectives of this study were to improve and guarantee high probiotics viable count and accordance with consumer’s acceptance.
Material and methods. The reading selected the number of colony between 30 and 300, then calculated the viable count per gram of goat milk tablet (cfu/g). The items of sensory evaluation included: appearance, flavour, colour, texture and taste. The score test was composed of 5 trained assessors, scored combination of different formulations (full marks of 100 points) and recorded the results.
Results. Analysis of the results showed that sucrose, inulin and mannitol were selected as the main effective parameters on both viable count and sensory evaluation. Furthermore optimization of the formulation of probiotic goat milk tablets was to maximise the probiotics viable count to achieve 9.5·108 cfu/g and its scores of sensory evaluation to get 94 points.
Discussion. Future probiotics products will be combined with a variety of probiotics, which can display their respective advantages and characteristics. Thus the products will not only be in accordance with the requirements of human health and trend of social development, but also will quickly become a favorite among consumers.

Keywords: probiotic goat milk tablets, viable count, sensory evaluation, Plackett-Burman design
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