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original articleIssue 14 (4) 2015 pp. 357-366

Dorota Klensporf-Pawlik1, Roman Przybylski2

1Department of Food Commodity Science, Poznań University of Economics, Poland
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Lethbridge, Canada

Antioxidant activity of selected wild Canadian prairie fruits


Background. Canadian prairies are a habitat for unique wild plants. The main object of the present study was to investigate phytochemicals content and antioxidant activity in seven wild Canadian prairie fruits.
Material and methods. The presence of total phenolics, flavonoids, anthocyanins and antioxidant activity were identified in the extracts according to standard procedure.
Results. Wild rose had the highest amounts of total phenolics and total flavonoids, whereas elderberry exhibited the highest amount of anthocyanins. All extracts showed good scavenging activities towards DPPH radicals. The results showed a good linear relationship between oxygen radical absorbance capacity and total phenolics indicating that radicals are scavenged at a greater rate as the total phenolics content increases. Additionally, all extracts when applied at concentration of 800 ppm, showed ability to inhibit oxidation of canola oil. In SOT test the best results were obtained when extract of American mountain ash was used. In general, wild rose followed by American mountain ash demonstrated the highest antioxidant activity among assessed Canadian prairie fruits.
Conclusion. From the results it can be concluded that prairie fruit extracts are a rich source of phenolic compounds and poses a high antioxidant activity, confirmed by assessment with different type of radicals employed.

Keywords: phenolics, natural antioxidants, antioxidant activity, Canadian prairie fruits, anthocyanins, flavonoids
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