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Issue 16 (1) 2017

January - March 2017
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review article
Galactomyces geotrichum - moulds from dairy products with high biotechnological potential
Anna Grygier, Kamila Myszka, Magdalena Rudzińska
Acta Sci. Pol. Technol. 2017; 16(1); 5-16; DOI:
abstract nr 1 abstractpdf 1_1_2017full text
original article
Control of natural microorganisms in chamomile (Chamomilla recutita L.) by gamma ray and electron beam irradiation
Mahfouz Al-Bachir
Acta Sci. Pol. Technol. 2017; 16(1); 17-23; DOI:
abstract nr 2 abstractpdf 2_1_2017full text
original article
Impact of green tea extract addition on oxidative changes in the lipid fraction of pastry products
Anna Żbikowska, Małgorzata Kowalska, Jarosława Rutkowska, Mariola Kozłowska, Sylwia Onacik-Gür
Acta Sci. Pol. Technol. 2017; 16(1); 25-35; DOI:
abstract nr 3 abstractpdf 3_1_2017full text
original article
Identification of suspected hazardous chemical contaminants in recycled pastry packaging
Reza Ahmadkhaniha, Noushin Rastkari
Acta Sci. Pol. Technol. 2017; 16(1); 33-41; DOI:
abstract nr 4 abstractpdf 4_1_2017full text
original article
Nutritional value and chemical composition of Sudanese millet-based fermented foods as affected by fermentation and method of preparation
Abdalbasit A. Mariod, Yousif M. A. Idris, Nuha M. Osman, Maha A. Mohamed, Awad M. A. Sukrab, Bertrand Matthaus
Acta Sci. Pol. Technol. 2017; 16(1); 43-51; DOI:
abstract nr 5 abstractpdf 5_1_2017full text
original article
The effect of antioxidants on quantitative changes of lysine and methionine in linoleic acid emulsions at different pH conditions
Marzanna Hęś, Anna Gliszczyńska-Świgło, Anna Gramza-Michałowska
Acta Sci. Pol. Technol. 2017; 16(1); 53-67; DOI:
abstract nr 6 abstractpdf 6_1_2017full text
original article
Cold-pressed and hot-pressed rapeseed oil: The effects of roasting and seed moisture on the antioxi- dant activity, canolol, and tocopherol level
Aleksander Siger, Marta Józefiak, Paweł Górnaś
Acta Sci. Pol. Technol. 2017; 16(1); 69-81; DOI:
abstract nr 7 abstractpdf 7_1_2017full text
review article
The genetic basis of obesity complications
Katarzyna Skrypnik, Joanna Suliburska, Damian Skrypnik, Łukasz Pilarski, Julita Reguła, Paweł Bogdański
Acta Sci. Pol. Technol. 2017; 16(1); 83-91; DOI:
abstract nr 8 abstractpdf 8_1_2017full text
original article
Dietary intake of boiled breadfruit (Treculia africana) seeds did not improve hyperglycemia in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats: Effect on the oral glucose tolerance of normoglycemic rats
Chinedum Eleazu, Ifeoma Ezekwibe, Mary Egbe, Sanni Saidu, Kate Eleazu, Chima Egedigwe
Acta Sci. Pol. Technol. 2017; 16(1); 93-99; DOI:
abstract nr 9 abstractpdf 9_1_2017full text
original article
Conditions of honey consumption in selected regions of Poland
Iwona Kowalczuk, Marzena Jeżewska-Zychowicz, Joanna Trafiałek
Acta Sci. Pol. Technol. 2017; 16(1); 101-112; DOI:
abstract nr 10 abstractpdf 10_1_2017full text

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