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original articleIssue 16 (1) 2017 pp. 101-112

Iwona Kowalczuk, Marzena Jeżewska-Zychowicz, Joanna Trafiałek

Department of Organization and Consumption Economics, Warsaw University of Life Sciences - SGGW, Poland

Conditions of honey consumption in selected regions of Poland


Background. The nutritional value of honey is a factor that encourages the increase of its consumption. The aim of the study was to identify consumers’ behaviours and preferences towards honey and their determinants. Material and methods. Quantitative (PAPI method) survey was carried out in 2015 on a sample of 690 respondents from Mazowieckie, Podkarpackie and Zachodniopomorskie voivodeships. The data analyzed were: the frequency of and reasons for honey consumption, preferred buying locations, preferred types of honey, factors considered during purchase and different uses of honey.

Results. The study showed that Poles consume honey several times per month. The main incentives for honey consumption were: health benefits, a wide range of culinary uses, flavour and habits. It was established that Polish consumers buy honey mainly in apiaries and open-air markets. Primary factors considered during purchase were the type of honey (preferred types being lime, polyfloral and acacia), price and colour. Honey was chiefly used for consumption, most commonly as a sandwich spread and sweetener. Less popular ap- plications included medical and cosmetic purposes. Some socio-demographic characteristics (gender, age, place of residence, income), self-assessment of nutritional knowledge and, to a lesser extent, education sig- nificantly differentiated consumer behaviours in the honey market.

Conclusions. The study has shown that Poles consume honey relatively seldom. For the increase of honey consumption nutritional education is needed. Further studies will allow a more detailed diagnosis, which is required for the development of effective information and marketing strategies.

Keywords: honey, consumer behaviour, preferences, Poland
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MLA Kowalczuk, Iwona, et al. "Conditions of honey consumption in selected regions of Poland." Acta Sci.Pol. Technol. Aliment. 16.1 (2017): 101-112.
APA Żbikowska A., Kowalska M., Rutkowska J., Kozłowska M., Onacik-Gür S. (2017). Conditions of honey consumption in selected regions of Poland. Acta Sci.Pol. Technol. Aliment. 16 (1), 101-112
ISO 690 KOWALCZUK, Iwona, JEżEWSKA-ZYCHOWICZ, Marzena, TRAFIAłEK, Joanna. Conditions of honey consumption in selected regions of Poland. Acta Sci.Pol. Technol. Aliment., 2017, 16.1: 101-112.