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Issue 17 (4) 2018

October - December 2018
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original article
Quality appraisal of ultra-filtered soft buffalo cheese using basil essential oil
Hayam Mohamed Abbas, Jihan Mohamed Kassem, Sahar Hassan Salah Mohamed, Wafaa Mohamed Zaky
Acta Sci. Pol. Technol. 2018; 17(4); 305-312; DOI:
abstract nr 1 abstractpdf 1_4_2018full text
original article
Antioxidant and xanthine oxidase inhibitory properties and LC-MS/MS identification of compoundsof ethanolic extract from Mulberry leaves
Ling Wan, Gang Chen, SuPing Jian, Xiao Jie Yin, HongLin Zhu
Acta Sci. Pol. Technol. 2018; 17(4); 313-319; DOI:
abstract nr 2 abstractpdf 2_4_2018full text
original article
The effect of thermal processing on the protein quality of Monodora myristica (Gaertn.)Dunal seeds
Anna N. Agiriga, Siwela Muthulisi
Acta Sci. Pol. Technol. 2018; 17(4); 321-333; DOI:
abstract nr 3 abstractpdf 3_4_2018full text
original article
Influence of flavors and stabilizers used on the preferences and properties of aerated tvarog curd cheese
Beata Treszczynska, Aneta Siwek, Jaroslaw Kowalik, Adriana Lobacz, Justyna Zulewska
Acta Sci. Pol. Technol. 2018; 17(4); 335-346; DOI:
abstract nr 4 abstractpdf 4_4_2018full text
original article
Production of functional spreadable processed cheese using Chlorella vulgaris
Mounir Mohamad Tohamy, Mansour Abdo Ali, Hamdy Abdel-Gawwad Shaaban, Ashraf Gaber Mohamad, Ahmad Mohamad Hasanain
Acta Sci. Pol. Technol. 2018; 17(4); 347-358; DOI:
abstract nr 5 abstractpdf 5_4_2018full text
original article
Design of a solar dryer for small-farm level use and studying fig quality
Younés Noutfia, Aouatif Benali, Chakib Alem, Younes Filali Zegzouti
Acta Sci. Pol. Technol. 2018; 17(4); 359-365; DOI:
abstract nr 6 abstractpdf 6_4_2018full text
original article
Changes in contents of phenolic compounds (sinapic acid derivatives) in seeds of Brassica napus L.under adverse storage conditions
Aleksander Siger, Marzena Gawrysiak-Witulska, Jolanta Wawrzyniak
Acta Sci. Pol. Technol. 2018; 17(4); 367-375; DOI:
abstract nr 7 abstractpdf 7_4_2018full text
original article
Validation of a method for diosgenin extraction from fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.)
Spandan A. Chaudhary, Pooja S. Chaudhary, Bakhtiyar A. Syed, Richa Misra, Prashanth G. Bagali, Sara Vitalini, Marcello Iriti
Acta Sci. Pol. Technol. 2018; 17(4); 377-385; DOI:
abstract nr 8 abstractpdf 8_4_2018full text
original article
Evaluation of the safety of oral intake of aqueous extract of Stigma maydis (corn silk) in rats
Victor O. Ikpeazu, Eziuche A. Ugbogu, Okezie Emmanuel, Chikezie Uche-Ikonne, Benedict Okoro, Jennifer Nnaemeka
Acta Sci. Pol. Technol. 2018; 17(4); 387-397; DOI:
abstract nr 9 abstractpdf 9_4_2018full text
original article
The Central European diet as an alternative to the Mediterranean diet in atherosclerosis prevention in postmenopausal obese women with a high risk of metabolic syndrome - a randomized nutrition-al trial
Monika Duś-Żuchowska, Joanna Bajerska, Patrycja Krzyżanowska, Agata Chmurzyńska, Anna Miśkiewicz-Chotnicka, Agata Muzsik, Jarosław Walkowiak
Acta Sci. Pol. Technol. 2018; 17(4); 399-407; DOI:
abstract nr 10 abstractpdf 10_4_2018full text

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