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original articleIssue 22 (1) 2023 pp. 93-102

Juan Yang, Daxiang Li, Xiaojun Hu, Biaoshi Wang, Xiaoshi Zhou, Zihao He, Tao Cheng

Lingnan Normal University, China

Study on preparation technology for mango sour beer


Background. Mango sour beer was made from mango and malt. A sensory score was used as an index to study the effects of main fermentation temperature, Lactobacillus plantarum addition amount and fermentation tank pressure on the taste of mango sour beer.
Material and methods. Based on the single-factor experiment, a response surface methodology was used to optimize the preparation process of mango sour beer.
Results. The results showed that the optimum fermentation conditions were as follows: the main fermentation temperature was 25℃, the Lactobacillus plantarum content was 0.25 kg/KL and the fermenting pressure was 0.15 MPa.
Conclusion. At this point, the mango sour beer was bright and golden, with a clear and transparent body, a rich fruit flavor, an outstanding sour flavor and a mellow wheat flavor, which provides a reference point for the subsequent optimization of the production process and the production of mango sour beer.

Keywords: mango, beer, diastatic fermentation, malt, response surface test
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