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Issue 3 (1) 2004 pp. 187-198

Iwona Kowalczuk


Abstract In the paper the results of a survey carried out in 2003 on a sample of 100 women were presented. The main goal of the survey was an analysis of the conditions of consumers behavior on the market of food concentrates, for example concentrates of soups, sauces, condiments, desserts, cakes etc. The analysis concerned such problems as reasons and frequency of consumption of particular kinds of food concentrates, conditions of choice, consumers preferences as far as taste and brand are concerned. Based on the results of the research it has been confirmed that food concentrates are universally used by Polish consumers. Use of different kinds of concentrates in nutrition depends on such social and economical factors like age, education, income and place of living but direction and strength of particular factors influence are dependent on the group of concentrates. The consumption of food concentrates will increase systematically. Consumers will be interested mainly in technologically advanced products, which also nowadays are very popular among young and educated people.
Keywords: market, food concentrates, consumer behavior, convenient food
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