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Issue 6 (1) 2007 pp. 95-105

Iwona Kowalczuk

Warsaw Agricultural University SGGW


Abstract In the article the results of a research carried out in 2005 on the sample of 134 respondents are presented. The results of the research indicate that young consumers are very active on the food market. Teenagers derive their knowledge about nutrition mainly from their family home but also from school as well as from books and literature publica-tions. Together with age the range of participation of grammar school teenagers in family shopping has declined, while their role and activeness of individual purchaser has risen. Families were commonly shopping mainly in small near-home shops and also, but less frequently, in hyper- and supermarkets. Teenagers were shopping individually mainly in small near home shops and school shops spending on average 9 PLN per week. While choosing the shopping place grammar school teenagers took under consideration mainly the price level and the quality of goods offered. The most important factors taken into consideration by the tested teenagers while buying food individually were: the freshness, the taste and the brand. Teenagers were engaged in decisive process of purchasing food for the family household mainly as far as products which were meant for them as con-sumers. Products such as beverages, chips, sweets and ice-creams were the main items of their individual purchase. Basing on the results of the survey a rather positive attitude of the tested teenagers was noticed towards promotion of sales. They were also more prone to impulsive purchase and more than averagely prone to novelties.
Keywords: food market, young consumers, shooing behaviour
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