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Issue 6 (3) 2007 pp. 29-36

Aleksandra Duda-Chodak, Tomasz Tarko

Agricultural University of Cracow

Antioxidant properties of different fruit seeds and peels

Abstract The objective of the investigations performed was to assess the antioxidant properties of the seeds and peels of selected fruits. The antioxidant activity as well as total polyphenol and tannin content were determined. The results obtained revealed essential diversities of the analysed parameters among the material examined. The peels were characterized by higher ability to scavenge free radicals and higher polyphenols concentration than the seeds, particularly those of citrus fruits imported to Poland. The highest antioxidant activity was observed in the peels of the Šampion cultivar of apples and white grapes, and in the seeds of the Idared cultivar apples and oranges. Tannins play a meaningful role as antioxidants in grape, apple and goosberry fruits. The peels and seeds of various fruits, which are waste products in fruit and vegetable industry, may be a potential source of antioxidants.
Keywords: antioxidant activity, polyphenols, tannins, fruit, peels, seeds
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MLA Duda-Chodak, Aleksandra, and Tomasz Tarko. "Antioxidant properties of different fruit seeds and peels." Acta Sci.Pol. Technol. Aliment. 6.3 (2007): 29-36.
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