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Issue 7 (3) 2008

July - September 2008
Issue 7 (3) 2008 - Cover (Inner front)
Issue 7 (3) 2008 - Letter to readers
Issue 7 (3) 2008 - Contents


Issue 7 (3) 2008 pp. 5-14 , topic: Food technology
Zlatica Kohajdova, Jolana Karovicova
Nutritional value and baking application of spelt wheat
Issue 7 (3) 2008 pp. 15-28 , topic: Food technology
H.Hulya Orak, Serap Kayisoglu
Quality changes in whole, gutted and filleted three fish species (Gadus euxinus, Mugil cephalus, Engraulis encrasicholus) at frozen storage period (-26° C)
Issue 7 (3) 2008 pp. 29-34 , topic: Food technology
Anna Gramza-Michałowska, Marzenna Hęś, Józef Korczak
Tea extracts antioxidative potential in emulsified lipid systems
Issue 7 (3) 2008 pp. 35-45 , topic: Food technology
Tomasz Tarko, Aleksandra Duda-Chodak, Paweł Sroka, Paweł Satora, Elżbieta Jurasz
Physicochemical and antioxidant properties of selected polish grape and fruit wines
Issue 7 (3) 2008 pp. 47-53 , topic: Food technology
Anna Gramza-Michałowska, Józef Korczak
Vegetable products as HACCP system’s subject in modern gastronomy
Issue 7 (3) 2008 pp. 55-63 , topic: Human nutrition
Julita Reguła, Jan Jeszka
Changes of body composition during weight reduction program based on the diet and physical exercises and long term effectiveness of this therapy in obese adolescents
Issue 7 (3) 2008 pp. 65-73 , topic: Human nutrition
Małgorzata Ziarno
In vitro cholesterol uptake by Lactobacillus acidophilus isolates

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