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Issue 8 (1) 2009

January - March 2009
Issue 8 (1) 2009 - Cover (Inner front)
Issue 8 (1) 2009 - Letter to readers
Issue 8 (1) 2009 - Contents


Issue 8 (1) 2009 pp. 5-15 , topic: Food technology
Dorota Klensporf-Pawlik, Henryk H. Jeleń
Nitrogen atmosphere and natural antioxidants effect on muesli oxidation during long-time storage
Issue 8 (1) 2009 pp. 17-22 , topic: Food technology
Maria Sapata, Ana Ramos, Armando Ferreira, Luis Andrada, Manuel Candeias
Changes of quality of Pleurotus ssp. carpophores in modified atmosphere packaging
Issue 8 (1) 2009 pp. 23-34 , topic: Food technology
Arasali Sulaiman Zarena, Kadimi Udaya Sankar
A study of antioxidant properties from Garcinia mangostana L. pericarp extract
Issue 8 (1) 2009 pp. 35-46 , topic: Food technology
Grażyna Bortnowska
Influence of emulsifying mixtures on the stability and odour intensity of oil-in-water emulsions
Issue 8 (1) 2009 pp. 47-61 , topic: Food technology
Renata Zawirska-Wojtasiak, Marek Siwulski, Sylwia Mildner-Szkudlarz, Erwin Wąsowicz
Studies on the aroma of different species and strains of Pleurotus measured by GC/MS, sensory analysis and electronic nose
Issue 8 (1) 2009 pp. 63-69 , topic: Human nutrition
Aleksandra Duda-Chodak, Dorota Markiewicz, Piotr Pierzchalski
The effect of quercetin, chlorogenic acid and epigallocatechin on proliferation of Caco-2 cells
Issue 8 (1) 2009 pp. 71-90 , topic: Human nutrition
Marta Dziuba, Bartłomiej Dziuba, Anna Iwaniak
Milk proteins as precursors of bioactive peptides
Issue 8 (1) 2009 pp. 91-97 , topic: Human nutrition
Patrycja Kłos, Barbara Poniedziałek, Eleonora Lampart-Szczapa, Justyna Gralik, Krzysztof Wiktorowicz
The flow cytometric analysis of lupin proteins’ potential to induce the respiratory burst in human neutrophils

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