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Issue 8 (3) 2009 pp. 5-13

Dorota Derewiaka, Mieczysław Obiedziński

Warsaw University of Life Sciences &#

11; SGGW

Oxysterol content in selected meats and meat products


Background. High consumption of oxysterols contributes to the development of arteriosclerosis. Thus it is necessary to monitor changes of their concentration in foodstuffs.

The aim of this study was to determine the content of oxysterols in selected meats and meat products before and after heat treatment.
Material and methods. Meats and meat products were pan fried in rapeseed oil for 10 minutes. Oxysterols methodology applied for the study of fat extraction, saponification, derivatization and determination by gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometer.
Results. The content of cholesterol oxidation products in meats and meat products after heat treatment (17.5 to 34.9 µg/g of fat) was statistically higher than before frying (2.2 to 10.7 µg/g of fat). Raw meats and processed meat products contained mainly cholesterol oxidation products which equalled from 1.0 to 8.3% of cholesterol content. In fried meats and meat products has been found phytosterol oxidation products (0.1-1.7 µg/g of fat) but only in small amounts.

Conclusions. The increase in the content of phytosterol oxidation products in analysed meat samples after frying was probably the result of intensive phytosterol oxidation included in the rapeseed oil, also induced by haeme dyes within meat. From the results of the samples analyzed, it seems that multiple parameters are associated with the formation of oxysterols. Further studies should be performed to identify the factors e.g. water content, pro-oxidants, exposure to light, storage time and conditions, that may affect oxysterol formation during home frying.

Keywords: cholesterol, phytosterol, sterol oxidation products, thermal processing
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