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Issue 9 (1) 2010

January - March 2010
Issue 9 (1) 2010 - Cover (Inner front)
Issue 9 (1) 2010 - Letter to readers
Issue 9 (1) 2010 - Contents


Issue 9 (1) 2010 pp. 7-22 , topic: Food technology
Agnieszka Iwanowska, Edward Pospiech
Comparison of slaughter value and muscle properties of selected cattle breeds in Poland – Review
Issue 9 (1) 2010 pp. 23-32 , topic: Food technology
Henryk H. Jeleń, Anna Szczurek
Solid phase microextraction for profiling volatile compounds in liquered white wines
Issue 9 (1) 2010 pp. 33-44 , topic: Food technology
Paweł Satora, Tadeusz Tuszyński, Ewelina Tomczyk
Enological profile of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast isolated from fermenting plum mashes
Issue 9 (1) 2010 pp. 45-59 , topic: Food technology
Dominik Szwajgier, Anna Jakubczyk
Biotransformation of ferulic acid by Lactobacillus acidophilus KI and selected Bifidobacterium strains
Issue 9 (1) 2010 pp. 61-69 , topic: Food technology
Małgorzata Materska
Evaluation of the lipophilicity and stability of phenolic compounds in herbal extracts
Issue 9 (1) 2010 pp. 71-81 , topic: Food technology
Joanna Sobolewska-Zielińska, Teresa Fortuna
Retrogradation of starches and maltodextrins of various origin
Issue 9 (1) 2010 pp. 83-94 , topic: Human nutrition
Małgorzata Ziarno
Viability and cholesterol uptake by Streptococcus thermophilus cultures in artificial git fluids
Issue 9 (1) 2010 pp. 95-104 , topic: Human nutrition
Zbigniew Kasprzak, Łucja Pilaczyńska-Szcześniak
Effect of diet and physical activity on physical and biochemical parameters of obese adolescents
Issue 9 (1) 2010 pp. 105-115 , topic: Human nutrition
Joanna Sadowska, Magdalena Radziszewska, Agnieszka Krzymuska
Evaluation of nutrition manner and nutritional status of pre-school children

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