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Issue 9 (1) 2010 pp. 71-81

Joanna Sobolewska-Zielińska, Teresa Fortuna

University of Agriculture in Krakow

Retrogradation of starches and maltodextrins of various origin


Background. The retrogradation which occurs during the processes food storage is an essential problem in food industry. In this study, the ability to retrogradate of native starches and maltodextrins of different botanical origin was analysed.

Material and methods. The materials were starches of various botanical origin, including commercial samples: potato, tapioca, wheat, corn, waxy corn starches, and laboratory isolated samples: triticale and rice starches. The above starches were used as material for laboratory production of maltodextrins of medium dextrose equivalents (DE in the range from 8.27 to 12.75). Starches were analysed for amylose content, while the ratio of non-branched/long-chain-branched to short-chain-branched fractions of maltodextrins was calculated from gel permeation chromatography data. The susceptibility to retrogradation of 2% starch pastes and 2% maltodextrin solutions was evaluated according to turbidimetric method of Jacobson.
Results. The greatest starch in turbidance of starch gels was observed within initial of the test. days. Initial retrogradation degree of cereal starches was higher than that of tuber and root starches. The waxy corn starch was the least prone to retrogradate. The increase in turbidance of maltodextrin solutions were minimal. Waxy corn maltodextrin was not susceptible to retrogradation. Among other samples, the lowest susceptibility to retrogradation after 14 days was found for rice maltodextrin, while the highest for wheat and triticale maltodextrin.
Conclusions. On the basis of this study, the retrogradation dependence on the kind of starches and the maltodextrins was established and the author stated that all the maltodextrins have a much less ability to retrogradation than the native starches.

Keywords: starches of various origin, maltodextrin, retrogradation
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MLA Sobolewska-Zielińska, Joanna, and Teresa Fortuna. "Retrogradation of starches and maltodextrins of various origin." Acta Sci.Pol. Technol. Aliment. 9.1 (2010): 71-81.
APA Sobolewska-Zielińska J., Fortuna T. (2010). Retrogradation of starches and maltodextrins of various origin. Acta Sci.Pol. Technol. Aliment. 9 (1), 71-81
ISO 690 SOBOLEWSKA-ZIELIńSKA, Joanna, FORTUNA, Teresa. Retrogradation of starches and maltodextrins of various origin. Acta Sci.Pol. Technol. Aliment., 2010, 9.1: 71-81.